Getting help doesn't need to be complicated.

At Direct Neurology Care, we believe it is important to talk with your doctor when needed- not a "provider", "practitioner", or "clinician", but an actual MEDICAL DOCTOR (MD) with the training and experience that you should expect. We serve you, as an individual, the way medicine has evolved to serve people over hundreds of years, not the way an unaccountable corporate office has determined is best for the 10 year profit projections.

Listening. It's what makes the diagnosis, and it should be commonplace in the exam room.

Remember: A corporate medical employee works for the employer, not for you. It can be hard to listen to your patient with a head full of artificial metrics and just 10 minutes per visit. Oh, and documentation requirements. And this afternoon's meetings. And the latest compliance mandates...

At Direct Neurology Care, hearing about and fixing your individual medical situation is our only mandate, not just an afterthought.

Preserving your right to choose, and our right to help you choose.

These two rights are integral to one another. When you empower an independent physician to be free from outside influences and restraints, your voice is strengthened as well. Obtaining care from an independent physician rather than a "health care system", like shopping local, is the best way to ensure that the agenda of your doctor is directly aligned with your own, and that your treatment remains as individual as you are.


You contact an MD of your choosing, rather than being assigned "provider #123". The process is entirely free of referral requirements or the need to slash your way through a jungle of phone trees.

The consultation is unhurried ( a full hour, maybe more) and you tell your whole story, not just the bullet point version.

After examination and discussion, the plan is agreed upon and you get an estimate of costs up front.

You proceed immediately with your chosen, and reasonably priced, medication trials and/or diagnostic studies. (No more waiting for approval from a disinterested third party AND your decision NEVER gets vetoed for the sake of someone else's bottom line.)

You communicate directly and as frequently as needed with your physician throughout the course of your treatment.

And last, but not least, there are no surprise bills several months down the road (because that will cause more distress than your actual medical condition.)

That is the Direct Care Movement, taking back medicine and putting it in the hands of the patient and the doctor- where it always should have been.